Thursday, 21 October 2010

205th Anniversary of Trafalgar Day


I'm back again with another behind the scenes look at the Historic Dockyard!

This morning myself and Phil George, our IT Controller, attended the annual Trafalgar Day service onboard HMS Victory. This year is the 205th Anniversary of the most decisive naval battle under sail in British history - Admiral Lord Nelson's triumph at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The anniversary also marks the death of the Royal Navy's most revered leader when he was fatally wounded during the action, which ultimately defeated a Franco-Spanish Fleet.

The ceremony was attended by senior naval personnel and invited guests including the Second Sea Lord and Commander-in-Chief Fleet and Cdr M B Paton (RN Retired) who is the Great Grandson of Thomas Goble who during the Battle of Trafalgar filled the post of Nelson's Public Secretary & Secretary of the Fleet.

The service was also attended by local media including ITV Meridian - which is where I fitted in to my day job!

It was incredibly moving as the Last Post was played and the silence commenced as a reminder of all those who died during the battle.

We were lucky enough to film the ceremony to show you:

We also caught up with the Commanding Officer of HMS Victory, Lt Cdr Oscar Whild, yesterday before his important role in the service.

If you are in Portsmouth today then please come and have a look at HMS Victory flying the Colours (Union Jack and White Ensign) and Nelson's signal 'England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty'.

If you can't make it along then have a look at our photos on Facebook:

Until the next time!

Melissa (Press Officer)

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