Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Countdown to Christmas festival begins...

Hiya everyone, I’m sure you are starting to get to know me by now from my Celebration of Steam and Royal Navy Past & Present event blogs. I hope you are all well :o)

I’m fine and dandy, very busy and excited about our next event – the Victorian Festival of Christmas, which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year.

I have worked the event for the last 2 years and I still find it enchanting, even being involved in the build up and witnessing it all come together over the week before, I still love to stand in the Victorian Street watching families all cosy in their hats and scarves playing in the snow – it really does make the all year round hard work to pull this event together worthwhile.

This year you can pop along to the Festival and see the old favourites including all our glorious on site attractions, a cast of 100’s of Victorian characters and Santa’s Grotto on board HMS Warrior 1860.

Also Fagin’s Tavern with Oakleaf Brewery’s real ale and the Continental Market for a taste of Europe either side of HMS Victory, the fantastic Christmas market (which I intend to do some sly Christmas shopping at while marshalling the event) and of course the snow street which also includes the traditional Carousel, real life nativity scene and I’m sure Queen Victoria and Mr Brown will be dropping in!

Some additions for this year will be the chance for your family to get dressed up in Victorian costumes and stand in a mock Victorian living room in Action Stations and have your picture taken, sleeping beauty style spinners in the Royal Naval Museum talking about their magical craft.

Not to mention a collection of 100’s of Father Christmases of all different shapes and sizes from all different times on board HMS Warrior 1860 and Theatre Victoriana in Action Stations where a short show of Peter Pan, Oliver Twist and a comedy called ‘The Adventurous Victorians’ will be performed!

So as you can see I have been very busy – which is ideal to keep me out of mischief :o)

A company that has very much helped me along the way is Hewdens – they have been kind enough to give us a cherry picker and forklift for the event build up and break down which is so important for rigging all the lovely lighting, Christmas trees and site flags. So a personal thank you to them.

No doubt I’ll have loads more to update you on next week.

Take care until then.

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