Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Let the Steam countdown commence!

Hi all. More up dates from Terri’s land of Celebration of Steam!

I’m still working flat out organising the final bits and bobs for Celebration of Steam 2009, which is only 11 days away now -EEK!!

Here’s an update on what Ivor the Engine’s going to be up to while he’s here…

Ivor the Engine’s best friend Idris the Dragon will be joining us at the event too – he’s flying over from the top left had corner of Wales to keep warm in Ivor’s engine but also to say hello to all the lovely visitors attending Celebration of Steam. So watch out for a red dragon flying over Portsmouth any day now!

The Deck and Fo’c’sle shanty singers will be singing their shanties with Ivor and Idris to fill them in on sailor shenanigans! But also to help Ivor and Idris feel at home they’re throwing in a few Welsh Hymns! So be prepared to sing along!

On board HMS Warrior 1860 a storyteller will be reading Ivor’s tales, these will include “The First Story”, “The Dragon” and “Ivor’s Birthday”.

These story books will also be on sale in the Ivor the Engine merchandise hut along with many other lovely mementos.

One of which is very special – limited edition Ivor the Engine stamps, some of which have been signed by Peter Firmin (the illustrator) himself. So don’t miss out on these as they are highly collectable!

Finally we need our visitors to help refuel Ivor the Engine, so come along and grab a bag of coal or the water hose and learn about what Ivor the Engine need to keep Idris the Dragon’s engine lovely and warm.

And if all that wasn’t enough, it’s only fair that Mum and Dad should sit down and have a drink with Oakleaf Brewery and Olde Joe’s Cider and grab a sausage from O’Hagan’s Sausages to refuel themselves in the Celebration of Steam “Real Ale & Sausage Festival”.

Still lots to do, so expect one more blog before Celebration of Steam!

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