Friday, 20 February 2009

Barclays Premier League Trophy...again!

Hi all,

Pete here again,

So having stopped myself going up to see the Premiership Trophy a million times today I can say that I have been up to see it just the once. It's a great sight and I feel rather honoured to have stood so close after so many legends have held that trophy!

Our super snapper here has also managed to take some brilliant photos! You can see two of many here as well as view a whole gallery of photos on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

Here's the trophy itself looking marvelous, admire the excellent back-drop of HMS Victory!

As Chloe has said below, a competition was won by a member of Naval Personell who works on HMS Victory to spend the day with the trophy. Here he is with it in Victory Arena.

Keep well all,

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